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move to the beats 3Another race in the books. This past weekend, I ran the Move to the Beats 10k race in Royal Oak, Michigan. I was so looking forward to this race as they have had AMAZINGLY cool weather all summer long. That is until this past weekend LOL! It was warm but luckily not as warm as it has been here, so to me it felt great! Getting to the race though? That was the awful part..but I’ll get to that..

Move to the Beats 10k is in support of Cystic Fibrosis and headed by Emily and the ROCK CF Foundation. Throughout my journey to 2000, move to the beats 2Emily has been a great supporter, it’s where I got one of my all time favorite and most worn tee, so when I stumbled upon this race, I knew I had to race it. Emily was great in getting my race registration set up and ready to go for race day. The race was great.

The ROCK CF and Lifetime Fitness put on a great race day. There wasn’t a hitch or problem at all. The packet pick up, parking, logistics and start went off perfectly. I haven’t been to a race so well executed. The race route was well mapped out, a lot of volunteers, entertainment and water along the route and a fun fantastic finish at the Arts, Beats and Eats festival. Everything was perfect and it was a smooth race from start to finish.

Now me getting there is a whole other story. My husband and I were to fly up the night before, late but still get in the night before. But as soon as we got to the local airport here in town, things started to fall apart. So much so, that we didn’t know if we would even get there at all. After 2 major delays, lost itineraries we finally got to Michigan, but by the time we got in, drove to my dad’s, it was after 2am and we got to bed at 3. Race time was 8 am start. OMG! So, 2.5-3 hours later I was up, prepping for the race and off we went. I was dead. Even as I lined up to start, I had no idea if I would even finish. I was running on pure adrenaline only. But I just kept pushing. Thankfully two of my very best friends, Mark and Maureen, move to the beatswere running too, so I had some motivation to finish. And I did. Surprisingly, only less than a minute off my PR time. I really wanted to finish better but after the issues getting to Michigan, I will take my final time and be happy!

All in all, Move to the Beats 10k was in my top 3 races not only for fun but for how smoothly it was. Emily and her crew did an amazing job!

Check out the ROCK CF site and FB page for more information!