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People often ask my why I run. When I first started back to running a few years ago, I ran for weight loss. I had always noticed runners had great legs, fit and were energetic. That’s why I ran. To achieve that. But as a runner, it became so much more. Especially this year, I’m running for others who cannot. I think of the families of fallen soldiers, our wounded warriors, and our active military. All of whom would do anything to run. Sure, I complain about our heat and humidity.  I complain of early runs. But I know, it’s nothing compared to what our military and their families go through. So, I run. I run for the active military running in God awful conditions, families coping over lost loved ones, and wounded soldiers. I run because I can. 

So, I’ll continue running. I won’t stop until I reach the end and then probably keep running. If they can endure all of that, I can run. I get to run. I get to challenge myself every day to be better. 

What are you doing to be a better you?