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How was your weekend? Our weekend was pretty good! I love weekends. It’s a time to relax a bit, unwind, catch up and get good quality time with my husband. Between my running and teaching and his crazy work schedule, weekends are our time together. And this weekend was filled with a lot of fun, great food and friends.

food 2 foodWe started off Friday night with a great meal. We love to use Friday nights as our cheat meals. We often get a platter of cheese and meats and wines, snacks, or make foods we wouldn’t normally eat. This Friday was grilled steak tacos. While not totally bad for you at all, it was a nice fun meal to grill up together! We used this recipe, low carb tortillas for me, taco boats for my husband, and they were easy to prep, grill and enjoy! Pair with your favorite beer or margarita and you have a fantastic Friday night meal!

michiganAfter lounging Friday night, we got up Saturday morning for College Game Day. There is nothing better on a fall Saturday than college football. Our wolverines were starting at noon for a great game against Oregon St. They had a tough start but fought hard for a great win!!! GO BLUE!


jen runningEarly Sunday, I got up as I normally do, and it the road by 5:20. It was a warm one but I was ready for my 15 miler. I was going to do 10 miles on my own and then my best running friend, Jennifer, was to meet me for another 5 miles! Despite the heat and humidity, we didn’t do too badly and had a great run. She is so sweet to continue to meet me after my long runs and finish them up with me. The support I have gotten this year is 2nd to none and Jennifer is an amazing friend to drive an hour to run with me. Jennifer, next time Starbucks is on me!! 🙂

RevisedLogoAfter my run, I cleaned up and my husband and I headed to the local Beef’s for our first fundraising event. During the NFL games, they host a 50/50 raffle. This week’s raffle was in support of the SOWF! We also set up a table outside and collected more donations. The patrons of Beef’s were very generous and helped us out. Later this week, Beef’s is hosting us again for a fundraising night where proceeds from that night sales support the SOWF! THANK YOU Beef O’Brady’s!

All in all, it was a great weekend. Great food, friends and runs! Little by little I am inching closer and closer to that 2000th mile!!! And maybe, just maybe going over my 2000 mile goal!

How was your weekend?