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I’ve now been testing and trying the Vega products I was sent for over a month now. After testing, training with and adding in the new products into my diet, I have found new favorites. When I first posted about the products I had to get used to the plant based taste. It didn’t take long to get used to a less chemical taste and an all natural taste. I adjusted well to it and 2 products quickly became favorites.

vega 3The Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is one I have fallen in love with the most. First, the berry and tropical flavors are great. The flavor is strong and not overly watered down tasting. I have really liked taking this drink after long runs. It is to be used to help speed recovery, help DOMS and muscle soreness and help you recover hydration. You are to take this recovery drink within 20 mins of a hard workout. I get mine set up ready to go and pound it as soon as I am done with my longer run instead of just plain water. I have found this really does help not only overall recovery, but immediately replenishing and reenergizing. Normally after a long run, I am wiped out. It takes a few hours until I feel ok again. After pounding this drink, I feel ok within about 30 mins. Long enough to get home, shower and brew a cup of coffee. I no longer lose a good part of my day coming back after a very long run. I will continue to use this after long runs or long teaching days. The next day, I am not wiped out or feel like I have been hit by a truck. I am ready to take on the next workout! One great example of how much this has helped is my 14 miler a couple weeks ago. I was meeting with a friend for the last 4 miles of it and I totally hit a wall. It felt as if I had never run before and I totally tanked. It was the worst I had felt during and after a run in years. I felt bad for my friend who met up with me, but I just couldn’t do it. I walked/jogged the last 2 miles of it. The slowest I had done all year. After we parted, I quickly drove home, stretched, pulled on new compression sleeves and pounded a recovery drink. Within 20-30 mins, I felt 100% better. I truly could feel myself recovering and healing itself. The next morning, I felt fine. This is a definite must try and keep in your recovery plan!

vega 1Leslie, my Vega rep, also suggested the sport protein taken in combination with the recovery drink.
After taking the recovery drink or just as my breakfast, I am loving the Sport Protein Powder. First, it mixes very easily in my blender bottle and creates a nice thick shake. When taken after the recovery drink, I find I am refueled and less “hangry” after a particularly long run or hard workout. It really curbs that extra runger that often has me eating everything in my cupboards. When taken within 30 mins of the recovery drink and my workout, my body is replenished and can better heal and recover itself. I do like this powder as a quick breakfast too. It does keep me fuller long, doesn’t bulk out my stomach so I can enjoy it on my way to teach on tighter scheduled days and the ingredients are all natural, so none of that spike in your sugar and huge crash later. It gives you a natural replenishing and refueling you need to take on the day productively.

Overall, I will continue to add in the recovery drink and protein powder to my diets. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but when I can add in more natural products, I like to to keep my body in the best shape it can be to tackle these 2000 miles!

My Vega rep, Leslie, has been so very generous and helpful in helping me stay healthy while running 2000 miles. She has been keeping me up on the best products, how and when to take them for optimal performance and has been enthusiastic about my journey. Florida readers, if you need a Vega rep, please contact me and I will get you in contact with her! She is great!

So, what do you do to stay at your very best, whether it be running, cycling, golfing, working etc?