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Another 100 miles done! We are now under 400 miles to go! It is all coming so fast now!! I cannot wait to get to that 2000th mile and big celebration event at the end! This last 100 miles was fun filled. From great runs with friends, hitting my highest week ever, 53 miles!!, generosity in a local Lululemon and enjoyed my 2 Beef O’Brady’s events! This last 100 flew by and I enjoyed every bit of it.

jen runningFirst, came a great run with once again my running friend Jennifer! She met up with my to help me run the end of one of my 15 miler last week. She had just gotten her new Garmin 225, so we had a blast running and getting her new Garmin all set up!

RevisedLogoAfter that great 15 miler, my husband and I headed to the local Beef O’Brady’s for one of our events. That day’s 50/50 drawing during the NFL game halftime was to be donated to the SOWF. Patrons were so very generous in giving extra cash and online donations to the SOWF while enjoying the games on big screen. The following Thursday all of our friends, family, co workers, neighbors, etc. met at that same Beef’s for a fundraiser night. Both events helped the SOWF and get us closer to our goal! THANK YOU!

ui-logoAfter that, I just kept running trying to reach my best week ever. I hit it this past Friday morning! 53 miles in one week!!! I was wiped out but kept running until I hit that goal week!!!
Later that day, I had a meeting at the Lululemon of International Mall where the very generous, Justine, Jay, and Ryan set me up with some new threads for running. Most often I try to buy running and yoga gear with dual purpose so I can use my clothes for any activity. Justine and her crew showed me items just for running, well they could be for any workouts, but these were made just for running! I was impressed at the generosity, helpfulness, friendliness and kindness of that store. They showed me some new pants, Tight Stuff Tight, that have compression in them so instead of wearing compression sleeves, these pants serve that purpose. I love the cranberry color and the fun reflectors at that bottom. If you are in the Tampa area and want to check out Lululemon, definitely hit the International Mall store. They couldn’t have been happier to help me out and help me get to my 2000th mile!  They also set me up with a running tank and bra. I will post those as soon as I run in them. Now these pants are tight, I went up a size, and they do have compression, but I may still wear my calf sleeve at least on my right leg, my bum leg, but overall they fit great and keep everything tightly in place. THANK YOU, LULULEMON. I was overwhelmed at their generosity!


This past 100 was great and I am getting so excited to post the next 100 miles, which will be closer to my next half marathon!!!!!!! One month away!

So, how was the past couple weeks for you? Doing anything fun before we welcome in fall??? Any new gear you are loving? I always have a long list going, especially lulu items..lol