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If you don’t find me out running, it’s guaranteed I’m not just sitting around. There’s always something else to be active with! 

I just loving being active! Running, walking, teaching or going to yoga, stretching, doing push ups while watching tv and now biking. 
For a while, since about 2013, I’ve wanted to add in some short bike rides to my daily activities. Nothing strenuous, just easy riding to flush out my muscles and change things up. Right when I was about to buy one, and relearn to ride-omg has that been a trip-, I lost my job. It wasn’t in the cards to get a brand new shiny bike then, especially since I was knee deep in my running injury then, so I put the idea on the back burner. And there the idea sat. Everything always taking priority. Until about a month ago. I was out doing my morning run when I noticed the bike in my cul-de-sac. I finished my first loop as I would running by my driveway, I noticed the same bike sitting still there. I told myself if the same bike was sitting there after I finish my 10 miles, I would text my neighbors to see what was going on. I finished my 10 miles, stretched myself out and got on my text. Quickly to find out that my neighbors were giving the bike away, they didn’t need it and it was free to anyone who wanted it! It just needed a bit of tlc!!! Well, I pounced on it. I figured I could learn how to ride a bike again, my husband could use it at his races as you park at one end with your trailer and sometimes the information booth or the food area was quite far away from where all the trailers are parked and this would be great for him at his race tracks and we could somehow get him a bike one day and we can go riding together. It was all so simple and I was so excited to get started! That is until I got on the bike. I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I had been on a bike, probably 20+ years and I had no idea what I was doing! I could barely get on the bike to get started and my husband even had a hold the back of the seat just so I could get myself steady lol. I quickly was able to remember what it was like to ride a bike except for the getting off the bike and turning! Oh my goodness was that a joke! Even as of this morning I was getting comfortable getting on and off the bike without a jumping both feet at down together lol but I still have to master the turns! I’m still taking the rides nice and easy but if I need to turn, I get off the bike and walk it around! Lol I’m a sight out there! But it has been such fun. I ride few miles after my long runs and my legs feel flushed out and renewed. I don’t plan to go too hard, just nice easy rides to enjoy!

I can’t thank my neighbors enough. My husband and I have both enjoyed taking the bike out and changing things up. What a lucky and happy find!