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 It’s race day again! Not only was it the Inagural Fort DeSoto 15k but my first standalone 15k. I’ve done challenges that equal that or more but never just a 15k race! And the people at Florida Races were great to invite me to join them at the race to help get my miles in. It was a bit rainy during, but not too bad to stop any of us. It was a perfect race day here in Florida! And I had a total blast!

rya Rya, from Florida Road Races with me here, was so excited for my 2000 miles and was excited to sign me up. I cannot thank her enough. Plus, Florida Races puts on WONDERFUL races. From 5ks and up! Check out all their upcoming races!

So, early this am, my husband I and headed south to Ft. DeSoto for the race! It was a great race, some heavy rain during, but fantastically put on and executed.

 As always, I fell in line with another racer and we chatted all the way. Michelle was so sweet, pr’d her race and came in 3rd in her age group! She was a trooper keeping me at my best running pace to date too! Thank you Michelle!

I wasn’t sure how this 15k would go as my runs Thursday and Friday were the worst ever. I went into this race with zero expectation and far exceeded what I could do!

I’ve been so blessed at my races this year. Great times, great supportive husband and the people I’ve met are ones I hope to know for a long long LONG time!

15k at 85:04 (actually was 9.41 distance) and I felt great. Winded and empty by the end! It was awesome!