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photoWell, I have made it to the homestretch now. Only 300 miles to go. It is crazy to think after all the hot humid days, this long year is quickly coming to an end. I can truly say this year has flown by. Even with all those god-awful hot, sweaty mornings this year seems like a blur. I keep thinking back to day one. January 1, 2015, I started off on this journey. I had no idea if I could do it. I had no idea how I would feel. I worried I would hate running by now, but you know what? I think I love it even more. I feel like a I have found a whole new strength and confidence I never knew I had. This year has changed me. I feel so blessed to have been on this journey, for the support I have gotten and the donations for the SOWF. As I look back over these past 1700 miles, I am in awe of all I have experienced, the people I have met, and the miles I have done. I am a bit sad to think this all will end soon. I mean I will keep running, but I doubt I will ever be on a journey like this one ever again. I doubt I will ever do something so much bigger than myself. Sure, I will help charities, run, meet new people, but never again like this. THANK YOU all! You have all been part of one of the greatest years of my life!

IMG_5800And what a year it has been. The heat alone almost killed me…LOL, but in the past 100 miles, fall has found Florida. I can feel the relief coming! But I am glad I never ever gave up all those horrible mornings. I am glad I still got out there so now I could really appreciate the cool down! The cooler air makes such a difference and I cant wait to see what cold air in the winter will feel like on runs. I’ve almost come full circle this year!


IMG_5802And this past 100 miles not only felt better weather-wise, but was a blast. I had a very last minute race entry and raced the Inaugural Fort Desoto 15k. I met another amazing person, Michelle, who helped me get a great first time 15k PR, chatted me up the entire way and inspired me to never stop running. She just entered a new age group and came in 3rd! Her IG profile is full of inspiring pics of her healthy, amazing, fun filled life. I feel blessed to have met her! Like I keep saying, this journey is so much more than just running. I feel like I woke up on January 1 starting a whole new life and I couldn’t be happier!

So once again, I’m looking forward to the next 100 miles! Three more updates and it’s all done. This next 100 will see one of my hardest halfs to date, my 8th anniversary to a man I still cant believe asked me to marry him and who has given me a life that is so much more than I ever dreamed I’d have and enjoying more of my favorite time of year!

Wish me luck on my next half, October 18 on a very very hilly course!

How is your fall going?