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from Harmoni Spa FB page

As a runner, I am outside a lot. Not only am I out in the heat, sun, humidity but I sweat a lot. I’m a salty sweater, too. So my poor skin takes a beating. Add on to getting older, my skin is left dull, lifeless and prone to breakouts. I’m at a breaking point with it. That’s until, Zen at Harmoni Spa, came to the rescue! She posted a pumpkin mask on their Facebook page and recommended I try it! It worked great. Immediately I saw more brightness to my skin and it left my skin feeling soothed! 

Definitely give this recipe a try. Zen does warn it may feel tingly at first when you try it but it works! 


2 tbsp pure pumpkin (not pie filling) 

1/2 tsp both honey and plain yogurt (ff if skin is oily) 


Mix well and apply to clean skin. Let sit 20 minutes then rinse off with cool/warm water with a soft cloth. 

She recommends I do this once a week as a good exfoliant.