race proofOMG!!! Another 100 miles DONE! I am now under 200 miles to go!!! It is so close now! I cannot believe we are almost to the big 2000 mile day. I have had to reset my goal and see where I am by Dec 5th! I will break the 2000 miles before that day, so I am now trying to see how far I can run until Dec 5th, the BIG CELEBRATION day!!!! I cannot wait and cannot believe I am almost a month ahead of schedule!
I am so excited to still be running! It has been quite a journey to 2000 and I am almost there! This past 100 has been WONDERFUL! I ran a fantastic race in Hershey, recovered well and have been enjoying my morning runs so much lately. You’d think from cool weather right? Not exactly. It seemed to warm up again here and the humidity still WILL NOT BREAK! Come on Florida, get it together! LOL! But overall, it hasn’t been too bad. And soon I will get the early morning light back again! It’s been nice sleeping in a little bit, but my runs keep bumping into the rest of my day, that getting some downtime before long runs and teaching/errands/WAH stuff will be nice!

It’s also amazing to me what almost 2000 miles looks like. I cant wait to take a picture of the pile of shoes, Nuun tubes, anti-friction stick tubes, etc that I have saved all year long. It’s amazing what 2000 miles looks like in gear and consumables…LOL!

So, on to the next 100 miles and then the BIG 2000 mile recap! I cannot wait to recap this year!
And don’t forget local readers, the Fitniche event is this THURSDAY! Come on out for a great night with your community! Dogs, strollers, families, etc welcome!

How is your year shaping up? Hitting all your goals?