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All year I’ve searched for the perfect souvenir/memento to remember this year by. I thought maybe a nice piece of jewlery, a cool framed running picture, etc but nothing I’ve found seemed right. And the searched continued. Everything I thought sounded good, just didn’t feel right. So, I kinda gave up on the idea and thought I’d just pick anything. Something to have for this year. 

As I was looking around for our 2015 ornament for our tree, I found it. Recently, my husband and I were talking about all the ornaments we have that have great memories/stories and how as we put them on the tree we talk about them, remember that moment, etc. And so when I stumbled upon this item, I knew it was it! I found a glass running shoe ornament!!! It’s just perfect. It’ll be a memory I think about every Christmas for years to come. And when the dreaded day comes when I can’t run anymore, I’ll have that shoe. The shoe that represents the most incredible year. A shoe that isn’t just about the mileage but every moment of the 2000 miles. I can’t wait to put this on our tree!