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 I can see the light at the end of this incredibly long tunnel. The end is near!  150 is less than any month total this year. I can do this. 

Today’s run was terrible though. I just couldn’t get things going, everything is tired and sore and my mind just wasn’t into it. I could barely run! But as one supporter told me today, “You’ve run almost 1900 miles, you’re bound to have one bad run!” It’s support like that that has kept me going through this year. This horribly hot and humid year. On runs like today, it’s nice knowing I’m not out there alone. I’ve got so many people cheering me on. As my legs, glutes, abs, calves, etc start to give out and scream in pain, I keep going. I keep going not only for the SOWF but for all of you. Your love and support keeps me going even on runs like today. I can do this. I can finish the next 148 miles! 

Any massage therapists out there wanna sponsor me and rub me down?!? LOL! You’ve got your work cut out for you! 😜