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 The celebration day is set. We have a date for the end of my road to 2000+ miles. By the time we get to the celebration day I will be slightly over 2000 miles. I think I know when I might hit the 2000 miles, but the celebration day with the Special Ops group will be the end of this journey. The day I’ve waited for all year.  It’ll be a bit over 2000 miles I think. 

Then, I’ll keep running until the end of the year and then start next year’s journey! 

And to think, a yoga student in January challenged me to 2015 miles in 2015 instead of just 2000 and I still remember thinking, “omg add 15 miles to this?!?!?” That seemed so daunting to add to the road to 2000. But here I am. I will be able to honor her challenge. Jennifer B. challenge accepted!! Lol! 

It’s just all coming together now. My 2015 running challenge is almost complete. 

How are your 2015 goals and challenges coming along??? Thinking of next year yet?