My husband is amazingly supportive, loving, kind, generous, etc! Ever since my first 1000 miles ran in a year he has a medal made for me for that years running mileage or goal. 

Last year I ran 1703 miles equaling 130 half marathons. Once again, he made me a medal but this time it took a while as he was designing it all himself rather than just buying a premade one with it engraved. 

This past weekend I got the medal for last year’s mileage. I was overwhelmed at just how perfect it was. I actually cried! His attention to detail and my running is incredible! Totally worth the wait! 

One of my favorite tanks is about how much I run around town and I’ve also been tracking how many states I’ve run in, so he combined the two!! It’s perfect!

I LOVE IT! It shows the places I ran in 2014!

back side


front side