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96 miles until I hit 2000, 111 until I hit 2015 miles per my challenge from Jrnifer B. lol, 23 days until the celebration run to base! 

It’s still quite hot and humid. While some days are cooler, it’s still humid. And next week is gonna warm up again. I cannot catch a weather break. Plus, everything is starting to hurt. The last 100 miles were the toughest yet. My legs, knees, hips, etc hurt. The break at the end of this will be wonderful! I’ve decided to wait to take a break off running until the week of Christmas. I won’t be teaching then either, so my body will get the complete break it so desperately needs. 

I’m looking forward to getting on the table with Zen tomorrow..lol that sounds funny. Zen is a wonderful massage therapist at one of my yoga studios and she’s going to help get my body back. If you are one if my students, definitely schedule time with her. You won’t be sorry! 

We’ve also scheduled the celebration day for Dec 5. I’ll do a run to the base, meet at the base point and then head off base for brunch. I’ll definitely  share the details when they are finalized! 

Honestly though, as sore and tired and hungry as I am, I’m a bit blue to see this end. I mean, I’m not gonna stop running, but this whole huge challenge is almost complete. It’s become who I am. I’ve been pushing for so long now I don’t know what else to do! Lol! I’ve loved every single sore, exhausting, exciting mile. I actually wooted out loud when I hit mile 5 this morning knowing I was in double digits! I’m so excited and proud of myself. I can’t believe I’ve almost done it! 

So here we go! 96 miles to go! Please please continue to donate, share my journey and as holiday gifts come up think about donating in someone’s name! Let’s help our fallen and wounded SOWF soldiers and their families!