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 I’m overwhelmed at the support, encouragement, texts, etc from you all. After yesterday’s post, my phone/email/etc blew up with advice, thoughts, love and virtual hugs. The support I’ve gotten this year through this journey is far more than I could’ve ever imagined. 


Many of you suggested I may be hitting the dreaded wall. I’ve never really hit a running wall since I’ve been back to running again these past almost 5 years. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, so when I hit it recently, I had no idea it was that. And, I think you all are right. My body AND mind need a break. It’s been a challenging year and my body and mind need a rest! Plus, add on the weather we’ve had, it’s been more taxing than usual! 

I’m excited for the cooler weather here, FINALLY,  a break and to see what the rest of the year and next year will bring. Sure, I’m not skipping along on my final miles like I thought, but I’m still here. And what makes me so shocked, is you all are still here too following my journey! 

On to the last 31 miles. Thank you all!