IMG_5634As we near the end of my journey, I am still seeking help for the SOWF. Please donate today. 

But where do your donations go? 

To date, your donation helps support 143 students in college this year and 710 children of the fallen in programs who have yet to hit college age. And the need continues to grow. This year alone, 31 special operators died in the line of duty. They left behind 48 children including 2 born this summer after their fathers died. 

Your financial support makes a difference in their lives. 

What I’ve done this year is nothing compared to what they go through. Even with all the physical pain and mental breakdown I’m having, I would do all over again if it meant we could help more families. My part was the easy part. Please please donate today. Click the link to the left and donate directly. 

Thank you for all your support and God bless!