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Zen. 🙂 

  Zen is the massage therapist at Namaste Yoga Studio. Zen recently started at the studio and has made quite an impact. So far I’ve heard nothing but raves about her

As you’ve read, I’m bad about taking care of myself. It takes me months to finally take a day to get a massage and recover my body. But since day one with Zen, she’s helped me make it a priority. Whether she is just giving me a 5 min tweak here and there after a run or discussing my aches and pains, she’s truly helped me feel better. 
So after long discussion with myself, I met with Zen. After our first 30 min session I was hooked. She made me feel so much better. Not only did I feel better, but Zen originally started with one kind of massage, realized my body wasn’t responding well to it and immediately tried something new. She’s not a cookie cutter therapist. Each client gets unique specifics care catered to their body and needs. 

After only 2 sessions, I feel better. This is what I should have done all year. Zen is the reason I’ll get my body back after all this. 

Please stop in and see Zen. She does all kinds of massage and skin care. Let her help you help yourself! 

Who is Zen?

Zen is the spa technician at Harmoni Spa at Namaste Yoga Studio. She believes in balance and a no harm approach for all treatments. Our mind and bodies are amazing and when given the chance and with a little help it can do wondrous things. Her clients and her create a treatment plan together, this allows for the best recovery rate possible. She is always looking to learn more techniques and expand her knowledge. 

As a massage therapist, she will help your body do what it needs to naturally release tension, recover from injuries, and reverse the effects of chronic fatigue or the stress we all live with every day.
As an esthetician, she will work with you to create a plan that addresses whatever skin concerns you have and get your skin as healthy and youthful as possible. It is about feeling good in your own skin.
Contact Zen at Harmoni Spa today located in the Namaste Yoga Studio Lutz, Fl