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IMG_4587The holidays are here. What a wonderfully delicious time of year. While this time of year is about good food, drinks and friends, it doesn’t have to be a health ruiner too! 

How to stay healthy during the holidays:

Keep up with your fitness routine. Sure you might not get every intense workout in, but keeping close to your routine or any movement during the day helps. 

Ingredients matter. It’s good to treat yourself once in a while, but with all the holiday parties it can add up. When you can, replace ingredients in your favorite dishes with lower fat, sodium or calorie options. Even a few swaps can add up to a lot of calorie savings! 

Also, choose your treats wisely. You don’t have to eat or drink everything. I like to indulge in things I can only get this time of year! 

Keep healthy snacks on hand. Never let yourself get too hungry or you risk bad food choices or over eating. Keep up with hydration too. That can help prevent over eating too! 

Avoid alcohol when possible. Sure enjoying a cocktail or two is great at parties, but don’t overdue it. It’s leads to over eating, empty calories and dehydration. Be very careful of your alcohol consumption! 

But remember, it is the holidays, a time to enjoy yourself. Just be mindful and you can still enjoy the deliciousness of the season! 

Happy holidays!