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To get my 2000 miles in this year, I had to run A LOT of miles. To get those miles in I had to log in a lot of miles each and every run. Not only did I run my neighborhood, my city streets, but I ran races. I needed a few runs to push myself. And each race I had an amazing experience and great PRs. While my training runs were just ok, it was my races that kept me going. I somehow as able to push beyond my limits and challenge myself for my races. Some were not easy but I just kept pushing. Here’s a look back…

The year started off with the Leprechaun Challenge in Dunedin, Fl. Normally March is our best weather month, but as you’ve heard me whine all year, it was HOT. But I was up for the challenge and was excited to get some racing under my belt for the year. I was signed up to run a 10k, 5k, then a 1 miler race all in the same morning. I PR’ed them all and came in the top finishers for the 10k and 5k as well! This is also the race I met my running buddy, Lisa, who so kindly ran my final run with me!
Here is the PR bell and race:
lep race bell lep race running








Next came the Triple Crown 5k in Kentucky. This was a total last minute idea race as my husband was racing at the Corvette Museum Track that weekend too. I was looking forward to this race as the weather there had been cooler than normal. Well, until that weekend when the temp shot up…LOL of course it did. I did PR this race, came in 2nd in my age group and 7th overall. This was my best 5k ever and my first experience with real hills.
KY race


I took the summer off to prep for my fall races. Once again, a last minute race came up when we headed to Michigan to visit family. The Move to the Beats 10k. This race was to be a great race for me and while I did well and only a minute off my PR, getting to the race was terrible. I only got about 2 hours sleep that night, barely got myself to the race and you guessed it, IT WAS HOT. One of the hottest weekends they saw all summer. LOL I’m starting to think it’s me…I did run this race with my GREAT friends, Mark and Maureen. It was a fantastic day.
move to the beats move to the beats 2







Then it was finally here. The race I waited all year for. The Hershey Half Marathon. All year I told myself I would just run this race for fun as it would be late in the year, after miles and miles of running, so I just wanted to enjoy this race as it was also our anniversary weekend trip away. And finally it would be cool. Well COLD to be exact. I just cant win. While it was about 40 degrees colder and windier than I had been running, I was looking forward to running in something other than heat. But I had no idea how to tackle the hills as I come from the land of flat. But I had read Mental Running and it talked about how to tackle hills. I reviewed those ideas and felt ready to run Hershey. It was a GREAT day and I PR’ed this race by almost 6 mins. The hills just about killed me but I pushed myself. I thought a lot about the SOF group and what they do every day and tackling these hills as hard as I could would give me a tiny glimpse of what they endure every day. And I came out with a huge PR and a great memory!
IMG_5857 race proof








Overall this year had a lot of ups and downs. But the ups while only a few, totally overshadowed the downs and  I will carry these PRs and memories for the rest of my life!

THANK YOU for all the support, cheers and good thoughts for my races!