Besides sleep and massive amounts of food, there are a few things that you rip through trying to run 2000 miles. 

  One is, Nuun. If you run anywhere where you sweat, Nuun is a must have. I use it while running, after, on hot days and long teaching days. Nuun replenishes you and keeps you going! 

  Next is body anti friction lube. It only takes one tiny chafe for any runner to lube up. I probably slather on more than I need, but I’d rather be safe than sorry! There is nothing more painful after a run than stepping into the shower and realizing you’ve chafed! OUCH! 

  Finally, no runner can run well without the right shoe. Each and every pair here was part of my 2000 miles. Whether I only had one run into 2015 or several runs on this 2000 miles, the shoes here got me from mile 1 mile to 2000. My feet never hurt, I never lost a toenail and I was able to successfully glide through the miles even though some days it was harder than others, it was never the shoes that were a problem!

Then there was gu, sunblock, food, waters, etc that got me through these miles! It’s amazing what it takes to run 2000 miles!