A recap of my incredible year wouldn’t be complete without several thank yous. There is absolutely no way I could have finished or even attempted a year like this without help. Whether it be an encouraging word, a run, a donation, etc it all helped me power through. 

jen runningFirst, thank you to my running partners. I didn’t run too often with someone but the few times I did my running buddy helped me get through grueling runs. My friend Jennifer wound drive a good distance to run with me even as she was recovering  from an injury herself. Sometimes it was just a couple miles or a long 10 miler, if it wasn’t for those runs I don’t think those mornings I would’ve finished. She is truly a remarkable, caring, strong friend and she never once let me give up! 

IMG_6002I also met a great running partner, Lisa, who was kind enough to also run my final run with me. I met Lisa when I was just over 400 miles in at the Leprechaun Challenge. We stayed in touch but didn’t run again until my final run. But she continued to encourage me, donate, give advice, etc all throughout my journey. She gave me strength and motivation when I most needed it. 

tee with linvilleNext, I need to thank my friends, neighbors, yoga students. Throughout this entire year from day one, you all have read my blog, donated, cheered me on, sent encouraging words, etc to keep me going. Never once I did feel alone out there. I always knew someone was cheering me on, praying for my strength and safety, or giving a donation.  Knowing I was never alone made those miles click away. I often smiled on my runs thinking if you all. Some of you virtual strangers following my journey. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I had so many people pulling for me. I loved reading the emails, comments, etc of those inspired by my journey who started running, walking, challenging themselves, etc. You all were my strength so many mornings. 

ryaThank you to my sponsors. So many gave support not only for the SOWF but for me as well. From running gear, events, donations for the SOWF and to me to afford my races, grocery bill lol , massages, etc the generosity of my sponsors was second to none. I was even given race entries to help my mileage. It was the sponsors support ther helped bring in more donations as I could hold events, afford more running or help the SOWF more. The sponsors support was greatly appreciated and I will continue to promote you all as you were so generous to myself and the SOWF. move to the beats 2

All I can say is thank you. Thank you all for everything you did. Big or small it was all of you who got me through to the end! 

God bless you all!