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whats nextSo, the miles are done, I’m resting and recovering my body, so what’s next? It’s funny how often I’ve been asked that question not only all year, but in the last few days. It’s been hard not running and honoring my body by resting and recovering, but I do miss all those miles. All that exhaustion, but I know I’m not ready or in running form yet to do that. I have taken time to fully reflect on this past year, started to think about next year and what I want.

What do I want out of my running next year? I don’t know really. If I could I would run 2000 miles again, but I know that’s not good. In the past 2 years, I’ve run close to 4000 miles. My body is tired and broken down. I think for next year ideally Id like to find my pace again, focus on very specific races and distances I love, and just find a love of running rather than having to run. This past year was amazing, but I had to run. There wasn’t an option to quit. Next year, Id love to just run to run, work on speed, find proper form again (I bet my form is totally off…LOL), and find out of state races to add to my goal of running in each state.

I will continue to rest and recover, just run low mileage and take the holiday week off. No teaching, no running, no workouts. I hope that by the time we ring in 2016, my body will be recovered enough to run, run well and set new goals. I am looking forward to a day when I crave to run, not have to run. But if asked, Id do the 2000 all over again if it meant helping out more SOWF families. That was the greatest outcome I had from this year.

I will enjoy the holidays and welcome in 2016 with unplanned open arms. I do work best on a plan, but I will wait to set any real goals for a couple more weeks. I need to see what it’s like to run for enjoyment first, then set goals. I’ve even started looking into running groups. I ran too many miles this year alone. It’s time to open myself up to other runners and gain pace through their strength!

It’s funny just a few days recovering and cutting mileage back, I am eating about 3/4 the amount of food I was! I do miss the treats, but it feels great to get everything back on track again! I see a great 2016 in my future.

I hope you all continue reading and sharing in my blog. I hope to gain more donations as I will leave my page open, gain more followers and really dig deep into more and more running and life posts here. I’d love to hear from all of you and more as often as possible!

THANK YOU all once again. You are what keep me going.

Any goals set for 2016 yet?

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