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birthday 4It was a year ago I started this little blog about a journey to 2000! At that time, it was just about running. At least that’s what I thought. I had no idea that people-family, friends, yoga students, strangers online would follow my blog and donate. Very quickly after I started this blog and the 2000 did I change. It wasn’t about the running. It never was. 

IMG_5998This year changed me not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. The awareness, the good, and the love this journey created was more than I ever imagined. I never ever thought it would’ve turned out the way it did. 

IMG_5877I was told early on, running this much that I’d fight all my inner demons. I’d work through my own problems. I’d become a new person. Well, I never fought any inner demons or dealt with deep rooted problems, I have a pretty good happy life, but it did change me. I can’t really explain how though. But I can honestly say, I’m not the same person I was a year ago when this all started. I’m better. I’m stronger. It’s more about others than me. I’ve grown up. 

IMG_5857While this year was tough, I did love it. I was surprised though how hard I fell after hitting 2000. I hit a wall harder than I ever thought. My mind and body stopped. I could barely run. I was exhausted both physically and mentally. I fell apart. I am a bit embarrassed as to how poorly I did this last month, but feel ok about cutting back.  I’m glad I hit the wall. It made me stop. It made me try new things. I feel reenergized after scaling way back this month. In fact, I even took a spin class after 5 years off and loved it. I think besides realizing how humbling this year was to help out others, I also realized just how much I love to push myself. See how much I can challenge myself. It hit me today in spin class and after running hills in Michigan I love a challenging, hard woutout. I love pushing myself to do more.  As tired and exhausted as I was towards the end of class or after running those hills, I started to smile. You know that smile of complete happiness? I had that. This year I found my happiness. This year I found myself and I love it! I love who I have become after this incredibly difficult journey. This journey changed how I see myself. 

IMG_5634But above all of this, I’m most happy we all helped out the SOWF. The money raised will help out several SOF families and it will continue to support our military. 

motivationSo, here it is. My last post of this year. WOW! It’s done. Saying that out loud makes me cry. I did it. I finished 2000+ miles. I finished injury free. I finished strong. I finished happy. I finished raising GREAT donations! There is still time to donate though!! 🙂 

I will continue to blog. My donation page will stay open. I will continue running! 

i love running
One more run, then on to 2016! What are your goals next year? 

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