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new years day citus bowl

 Happy New Years! Hope everyone is enjoying the new year and the end of the holiday season. 

New Year’s Day always makes change. People making resolutions, goals, big changes, purges. These are of themselves, work, home, etc. the start of a year makes us feel like we need to be doing something better. But sometimes we forget our lives might be ok. Maybe make a goal to just enjoy your already found happiness and love of self. 

That’s what I’m doing this year. I’m finding me again. While running 2000 miles, I let myself go. I didn’t realize I had been until I stopped running so much. I realized I was just so tired I put myself last. So this year? It’s me. 

I vow to take care of myself more. Healthier eating, maybe a manicure, pedicure more often, taking the time to actually do my hair, journal more and meditate by taking time to just stop. I feel like I just got through last year clocking miles, while I will still run, but I want to enjoy things again. Try new workouts, new running routes, etc. 

This year is the year of me! Not selfish me, but putting a bit of effort into me! It’ll be a lot of little things, but it’ll all be enjoyable and for a healthier, happier longer living me! 

What do you want to get out of 2016?

I hope you all have a very blessed 2016. You all got me through my most incredible year. THANK YOU!