img_6120Happy New Years, everyone! By now most of us have set our goals or intentions for the year. For me, it’s all about my mental, emotional and physical health. This month not only am I getting back on track for healthy eating, but starting at the top, my head.

At first thought starting at the head seems simple, right? But it’s not. Not only, hair and skin am I taking care of, but my mind as well. I was definitely burned out by the end of the year, taking on too much. Doing a lot is doable, but I never released the mental chatter in my head enough. So, I’m trying to take a few moments daily to pray, meditate or journal. It doesn’t have to take long, but a few minutes each day to reset my mind. I find I’m able to better start my day once I’ve gotten out of my head.

On the outside, I’ve made appts for my hair. Too often I just pull my hair back and forget about it. I’m trying to take time to style it (outside of having to pull it back to teach or run) and keep it healthy. All the outside elements really took a toll on my hair and I got lazy. So next week, refreshing my highlights and a fresh cut. Put some style back in.

I’ve also spoken with Zen, the therapist at Namaste, about my skin. She’s suggested a few products and gave me some samples to try. Now that I’m nearing the end of my 30s, my skin is starting to show it. Plus, outside elements aren’t kind to my skin either. I’m left with dull/lifeless skin. Skin care is so much more involved now. No more bar soap for me! Lol!

Finally, eating not only for fuel but for life. The holidays were delicious, but it’s back to healthy eating.  Tonight? Seared tuna salads! I love a good veggie filled salad with protein. Filling and delicious. Plus it looks great!!!

How are your goals and intentions going so far? Starting anything?

Have a blessed year!