I’m often asked what workouts I do. For most of last year it was, run, teach, run, teach….not interesting. But this year in determined to change all of that!


Sunday-usually my long run day. I’m still working back up. I did 7 miles and a core workout 

Monday-I’ll try (this is my motto every day.. Try to but not stress) to run 6-7, teach 2 classes, hopefully an evening walk  

Tuesday-teach 4 classes

Wednesday-try to run 3-4, spin class, teach 2

Thursday-try to run 6-7, teach 3(new class starts!!)

Friday-try to run 6-7, hopefully semi-private PT session(new to me!!!), teach, maybe evening walk or bike

Saturday-REST DAY 🎉😀🍾

Let’s see how my week goes lol!

What workouts are you planning? Anything new?