What am I loving lately? 

  1.   My new Asics Sana gel cross trainers. Comfortable, sleek, light and great support for long workouts. 
  2.   Conversation hearts. 😊Specifically, Brachs. I love the large sized ones, the softer-not break your jaw ones, and the newly updated hipper sayings! I love Valentine’s Day so much as you all know and a few of these a day make me smile! 
  3.   Zen at Harmoni. I’ve mentioned her numerous times, but this past month she has helped me with skin care. I’ve battled adult acne for almost 10 years with no relief. Add on getting older and my face was a mess. Zen has worked with me coming up with a face cleanser-charcoal and mineral based, moisturizer-ocean mineral and non-oil based, and eye cream for depuff and brightening as well as wrinkle release. All by IQ Natura. I’m overwhelmed at the difference already in just 2 weeks. My face is brighter, clearer and less fine lines! Zen really has s talent for her job. Massage and skin care wise, Zen has changed me. Contact her immediately lol! 
  4.   Spin class and semi-private personal training at Pura Cycle in Wesley Chapel. I cannot say enough about this studio. The energy and love from the owners and other students is incredible. I felt welcomed the second I walked in. The studio is relaxing but creates a kick ass attitude for yourself. Stephanie has pushed me in spin and strength so much. I’m loving my cross training and look forward to each workout there. Stephanie and the staff at Pura really know their stuff and truly want to help you achieve your fitness goals! Check out Pura TODAY!
  5.   Burts Bees-lip balm. As I’m trying to keep up on skin care, one thing I lacked in was lip care. My lips were very dry after going home for the holidays, so I whipped out my trusty lip balm. Burts bees to the rescue. Great soft, healed lips right away! And I love the tinted/shimmer ones for just a little bit of color but still great healing power! 

So, what are you loving right now?? Anything fun, new, different?