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One of my cross training goals was to try new cardio. I had heard several times from reliable sources that spin can greatly help runners. I’ve taken a month of spin class now and do feel a difference in strength, endurance and muscle use/soreness! But how does spin help? 

 First, spin class can help break up the boredom of running. Sure, we love to run. But mile after mile after long mile, a break is good. Spin class helps keep your endurance and cardio up, yet gets you off the road. Helps change things up and helps you get excited for that next run rather than dread another mile! 

Secondly, it helps reduce the risk of injury from too much running. By subbing in spin, you add in a killer but low impact workout. Same effort just less stress and pounding on your body relieving those sore areas for a bit. Spin also helps strengthen the weaker muscles in running creating greater muscle balance and reducing injury. 

Also, you increase your fitness in spin. Spin incorporates HIIT, varied hills, sprints and power bursts building your fitness strength and endurance helpful in long distance running! 

Finally, spin can boost your endurance without injury while keeping heart rate high at times, burning calories and training your muscles to a more anaerobic heart rate helping you achieve better running goals! 

Spin class has been great. Each song changes up, it keeps you motivated by keeping you interested the whole class, each ride is different and keeps you entertained. Plus, the energy and motivation from other students pushes you to work harder! I’ve already, after a month of spin, seen an increase in my running pace, strength and endurance! I love it! Find a spin class near you (click the link for Pura Cycle in the WC/Lutz area!) today to help improve your fitnes level! 

Do you spin? Does it help your sport? 
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