Well, it’s here. The hot chocolate 15k in Nashville. And, IT’S GONNA BE COLD! So cold that I’m wearing 2 layers to run. But then it’s predicted to be even colder. 

  So, off to Walmart to find a toss outfit so standing and waiting for the race isn’t too bad. Plus, I panicked and bought hand warmers. 12 of them! And, it’s an out of town race, and I’m a creature of routine, so I had to get all my prerun items ready. Banana? Check. Peanut butter? Check! Creamer/Splenda? Check check!

On top of all of that is my normal running capris (2 pairs), tank, shirt, jacket, headbands, gloves, hat, compression items, shoes, water bottle, etc. Thank God for southwest free bags! Lol!

Pray for me! The temperature keeps dropping! 😫 I’m just hoping to finish no matter the time I get! LOL!