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 I’ve been posting my workouts of the week, but last week and so far this week, I haven’t done all I set out to do. My running is suffering. I’m worried my hamstring is injured again. Similar to what I went through in 2013. I’m panicking. Crying actually. I love my running. And now I’m afraid to run. Just after my mind and body wanted to run again after 2015, now this. So my workouts may not happen like I posted. No idea where my running is going. Thankfully I’ve been through this. I’ve got a massage set with Zen this week, I’m icing/heating, rolling, doing my old PT, and PRAYING it’s just locked up muscles. I don’t want to take a break. I’m finally back to normal mileage, enjoying runs, running to run. Not running because I HAVE to run. For the first time since my crash, getting back, I’m craving runs. Then this happens! 😦

I’m a mess. Running is such a mind *uck! Excuse that. Why is this happening now?!!?!