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After last week’s strong start to horrible finish, I’m attempting to post my workouts again. My hamstring and knee really started acting up last week, so I put the running shoes away for a bit. I’d rather take a break now than lose running forever. So since last Wednesday I haven’t run. OMG I’m dying lol! I miss running. But Zen at the Harmoni Spa at Namaste Yoga studio gave me an amazing hot stone massage 

The Heat Wave Synergy Stone Massage: Not your ordinary hot stone massage! A deep tissue hot stone massage using hand crafted stones that provide a soothing heat and gentle to deep pressure. Great for athletes or anyone with overworked muscles.

and I’m feeling better. It was also suggested by another runner, with strong medical background, that I also keep taking ibuprofen daily until I heal. About 2 weeks. I’m hoping to pick up running again later this week but I’m not going to schedule it just in case. 

So, what are you doing this week?


Monday-teach 2, walk 

Tuesday-teach 3

Wednesday-strength, maybe spin, teach 3

Thursday-teach 4, maybe run but I’ll play it by ear 

Friday-mayyybe run, strength, teach 2

Saturday-rest or run 

Slower week than normal but I’m learning to be ok with that!