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 Fantastic and easy recipe for brunch or Easter Sunday. Found on Yogibee, I had to adapt the times and temperatures, which was easy and used mascarpone instead of cream fraiche. This was wonderful with a small mixed greens salad and fruit! 

I skipped the crust on my piece, so it’s lower carb! 


I did what Yogibee did and used premade crust too!


I was short of time so I bought the short crust pastry, but if you have time you can find lots of easy recipes online.
For the mix:

300mL Crème Fraiche-I used mascarpone 

3 Eggs

100g frozen spinach

150g of salmon

1 bunch of fresh dill

Juice of one lemon

Generous pinch of salt and pepper

Cheddar cheese for sprinkling 

Pre-heat your oven for 15 minutes 200C. I did 350 and watched it as each portion baked. 

Place the short crust pastry on the cake tin of your choice, make a few wholes with a fork and cover with grease proof paper and any type of dry beans before placing it in the oven for 20minutes.

Remove the paper and beans and leave to cook for another 5 minutes.

Cook the spinach removing excess water, cook the salmon in a frying pan, remove the skind and shred the salmon once it has cooled down.
Remove the pastry form the oven and place chunks of spinach and salmon on the pastry.
Mix the eggs, crème fraiche, lemon juice, dill and seasoning and add to the base.
Sprinkle the cheddar on top and return to the over for 30minutes or until golden.
Best eaten warm with a side salad as it is quite rich!