I am a bit late on writing this post. February was just a crazy month for me. From great runs to a birthday race to a terrible finish towards the end of the month. I feel like I was all over the place this past month. I had great training runs to get me ready for my 15 K in cold, cold Nashville, I did a great recovery runs after and was feeling great, and then the wheel started to come off towards the end of the month. My hamstring really started to hurt, my knee started to hurt in my spin class and things just not were not going well for my runs. So, towards the end of the month I decided it was time to take a little break, take a few days off, and figure out what my body needed.  

During February I turned the big 39!!! I decided to run the Nashville 15k. As y’all read, it was a cold one. But I was ready. I packed up tons of layers, tapered well and finished the race decently, all while meeting a great new running friend. Recovery went well after, but towards the end of the month everything on my right leg started hurting. So after a day or so in pain, I put the running shoes away. I’ve been off most of this month now. I didn’t finish February as strong as I wante too, but I’d rather finish under than not at all!

I also became a Stiletto Running ambassador. I’m loving all Shannas bright and fun running/yoga clothes and accessories! img_6543-1

All I all, it was an ok month. This month has started out quite slow, but I’m hoping the break will be better for me in the long run! 

How was your February