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  I love long distance running. I love that worn out, exhausted, broken down feeling after a long hard run. I feared shorter runs and what this year would bring. I knew I needed to shake things up to keep my interest alive. I started back to strength training after way too long off, started teaching a core class which I absolutely LOVE and teaching in new and exciting places outside of studios. I love it. I love all of my new found adventures! But I still long to run A LONG way. But as you’ve read this year hasn’t quite taken off with long runs. So after a break, I’m starting back. It amazes me how much I’m enjoying my 2-3 mile runs. This year has taught me so much. It’s given me a new look at my true love of my yoga classes,  running and strength. While I can’t wait to get back to longer runs, I’m so happy to just be running again and finding new activities. It’s been a good happy journey this year already! Who knew 2 milers would be so fulfilling?? 

What’s changed for you this year?