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IMG_38252 years ago today, while still in teacher training, a yoga studio took a risk and hired me. Hired me before finishing! I was ecstatic! My first yoga job of many! I’ve come a long long way since then, found amazing places to teach and share my love of yoga and really found myself. My yoga classes have shaped who I am and who I want to be. My journey from my first class to now has been amazing but it’s the students and places I work that build my passion. I’m so very lucky to have the jobs I do. I’m blessed with amazing students eager to learn every class! 

I couldn’t be happier in a job. Every single day I leave my classes on cloud nine. This is what I was meant to do. This is what I’ve been searching for. I’ve never felt so fulfilled in a job than this. It may have taken me a while to get here, but thank God I did. My days are a joy! 

Namaste everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!