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Runners often have aches and pains even without an injury. Overused muscles get sore quickly, long runs can cause a few aches and pains and pushing our runs can cause muscle soreness. Ice is usually recommended for the first 24-48 hours to help reduce inflammation. 

My massage therapist, my miracle worker, has helped me keep my muscles as injury free as I can. Not only has she helped with massages but home care. I’ve been doing ice, roll, heat a couple times a day. It’s really worked out those kinks. But add in my teaching schedule and sometime my body just cannot recover quick enough. When I can’t recover i tense up and can’t relax. Which in turn tightens my muscles even more. Zen suggested using some Sombra cooling gel after the heat. It’s a medicated cooling cream with natural ingredients and it works wonders. Better for me than bio freeze by far! As soon as it starts to work, I feel it opening up my sore muscle. I used it after a tough lower body workout recently and woke up without DOMS. It was fantastic! Soreness gone. Now, I know this isn’t a cureall. I will keep up with rolling, massage, rest, etc but for those really tough times, Sombra and Zen it is! 😊

So what is Sombra? It is, a new gel/cream providing controlled cooling without freezing or irritation and has exceptional glide for point therapy. The cool therapy gel is good for acute conditions or injuries that have just occurred, whereas the original warm therapy gel is good for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains.

They also have a warning gel too. 

What do you do for sore, tired, overworked muscles?