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I have a love/hate relationship with planks. I hate doing them, but love the results. Regular plank, side plank, modified plank, forearm plank, reverse plank, plank on a ball, I do them all. But today I was introduced to a new plank and OMG this plank kicks ass! 


Start in forearm low plank. Get the ball around feet/ankles, try to go no higher up the leg. Squeeze the ball and lift to a plank and keep squeezing the ball with you feet. You’ll feel your hips and glutes activate taking any strain out of your lower back. Keep the feet no higher than midway up the ball. Hold 30-90 seconds. Repeat. The hardest part is getting into it. 

It’s tough but I felt this much more than any other plank. Like I was finally using all my muscles properly. 

Try it out!