Did you find your way to the mat today? There is still time! Meditate, find a class or work your own flow! Take time for you! Yoga every damn day! 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. After finishing my 2000 miles, I lost my running mojo. I was warned it would happen and would take time to get it back. I was told to run when I wanted, not to stress and just let it find its way back. Some said it may take a year to come back. Finally, about 2-4 weeks ago, my mojo came back. I wasn’t running just to run anymore! I was finally enjoying my miles, runs, effort, exhaustion, etc again. I finally felt like I wanted to run. And it feels great. I’m still not running any crazy high mileage, but I’m enjoying all the running. I’m even doing the Runners World Run Streak and enjoying the challenge of running again!!! So, I’m back! 
How are you all doing??