Here I am, back at it. 2016 was a very weird fitness year for me. I came off the 2000 miles needing a bit of a break, started new things and ultimately found those new activities didn’t mesh well with my body. I was way way overtrained. Finally had to admit I had pushed my body too far and had to stop. The break killed me mentally. I was finally ready to tackle high mileage again, but my body just couldn’t do it. After my break, I’ve had to literally start over. One slow mile at a time. I’m just now feeling comfortable with slow 3 milers. My pace is depressing but I’m just happy I’m getting back. I learned a lot in 2016 and why I needed it. God has amazing plans for us and I needed all I went through last year so I could move on this year. 

I learned how to strength train, work my core, help injured clients. I built up my private clientele and had I not had all those other activities I wouldn’t be he teacher I am. My yoga teaching has expanded so much. I thank God I had all of that rough 2016 to help me become a better instructor. 

I’m now thinking of getting my training and nutrition certificate, something I had never thought about until last year. So while it may look like I fell apart with little running, I actually grew and accomplished so so much! 

Here’s to a great 2017 whatever the year brings!