A few of my favorite things…

Here you will find a list of my favorite products, tips, tools, etc…

Running and yoga clothes. I can’t stop myself. I love having a variety to choose from each day and let’s face it, I wear 2-3 different outfits a day from running, teaching multiple classes and my own practice and I am a sweaty person, so I must change often.

  • My favorite for sure is Lululemon, especially for running shorts. I cannot live without them here in Florida. The speed shorts are just the perfect length for my shortie self!

Here is one of my many pairs: IMG_4614

Just the perfect length, fun designs and colors and they wash and wear well!

  • Athleta is my next favorite. I love their Chataranga capri pants for yoga. They are fantastic. Thick enough to hold everything in and not be see through, but wick away sweat well.

Here is one of my favorite pairs: IMG_4660 The crazier the yoga pants the better I say!

Products that keep me going…. 

  • Nuun. I love Nuun. Nuun is an electrolyte tab you drop in your water. Similar to what Gatorade does, this helps balance electrolytes and sodium. What I like best about Nuun nuun  is no extra sugars and nothing artificial. Only about 8 calories and fantastic flavors!
  • Gu. Gu gels are a great fuel to use on long runs. It goes down very easy and gives you the boost you need to keep running longer and longer without the dreaded bonk! Great flavors, easy on the stomach, gives you great energy and nutrients needed on long runs!gu
  • Thug life tees: I love my Thug Life tee. I love their tees and use this code, THEROAD10 for 10% your order
    thug life 1
  • Newton Running Shoes, especially the Newton Women’s Gravity:running shoes
  • Garmin GPS watch: I love my Garmin. It keeps my pace, time, heart rate, and laps perfectly! No need for an app as it’s all right here. I never run without it!  
  • Compression socks, sleeves for calves and thighs. There is nothing better to help my legs recovery and during my run than my compression socks or sleeves for my calves and thighs. I love procompression, zensah and crazy compression!  
  • Zen at Harmoni Spa: she’s helped me body and skin. Her massages are just what I need and she’s cleared and fixed up my skin. Contact her today:http://harmonispa.comIMG_5931
  • Pura Cycle: best spin and PT classes img_6224

More to come..I’ll keep adding in my favorite things…


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  1. I love this page. Very helpful! 🙂

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